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Clueless may be an iconic film from the '90s, but despite its age, this movie has managed to be a relevant, timeless, and just plain fun ride for any generation. Loosely based on Jane Austen's classic novel Emma, the colorful teen comedy follows the antics of Cher, a rich, self-absorbed but good-hearted Beverly Hills teenager, as she tries to \"improve\" the lives of everyone around her. Along the way, we're treated to a fabulous parade of exaggerated '90s fashions, throwback pop music choices, and so, so much quotable dialogue.\nIn some ways, it's funny to look back at Clueless and see how it was clearly meant to be an over-exaggerated satire. Things like teenagers having cell phones on them at all times are treated as over-the-top jokes \u2014 and now it's just part of normal life! There's something really fun about Clueless, though, in how it plays with the usual tropes of teen movies.\nTypically, the \"popular\" kids are the villains, and the heroine is \"not like other girls.\" In Clueless, each of the cliques has its own minor problems, but only a couple of people are actually terrible. While Cher is very much \"like other girls,\" she doesn't have to give that up to help further her character development.\nThat irrepressible joy and big heart are why Clueless has endured as a classic for decades now, and it's definitely had a big influence on teen movies of more recent years, too. While nothing could ever quite capture the exact same vibes as Clueless, there are plenty of movies out there that pair perfectly with it. If you're looking to have a double feature or just want more movies that are like Clueless, we've rounded up some of our best recommendations in the gallery ahead. How many of these are already favorites for you?\n","id":48653746,"type":"gallery","photo_source":"Image Source: Everett Collection","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/movies-like-clueless-48653746","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/movies-like-clueless-48653746","share_text":"As If! These 22 Movies Are Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Clueless","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"CluelessMovies","is_cover":true},"image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/YvRKejHWqUlo9bfsasFwD7Ukhk4\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2021\/12\/16\/925\/n\/44498184\/50c6a220fdda4e6c_M8DEMMA_EC007\/i\/Emma-1996.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/RSQLnaAinaqs_Gv1TiZSjpu5Xnk\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2021\/12\/16\/925\/n\/44498184\/50c6a220fdda4e6c_M8DEMMA_EC007\/i\/Emma-1996.jpg","title":"Emma (1996)","intro_text":false,"body":"Clueless is, of course, based loosely on Jane Austen's classic novel Emma. The book \u2014 and its 1996 movie adaptation starring Gwyneth Paltrow \u2014 centers on a wealthy young woman who passes her time by trying to neatly arrange the lives of everyone around her, all while being, well, clueless to her own feelings and the effects of her meddling. This late '90s period dramedy stays mostly true to the novel with just a few cuts and condensed storylines here and there. It's a gauzy, dreamy, and (of course) romantic movie that's perfect for Clueless fans looking for more about where it all began.\n","id":48653762,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Everett Collection","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/48653746\/image\/48653762\/Emma-1996","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/movies-like-clueless-48653746","share_text":"Emma (1996)","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":1,"slide_tags":"Movies","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/uNA9OE6IdcdMlER2lwJjhmdUG4A\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2021\/12\/16\/925\/n\/44498184\/a0200fa7abf44db4_M8DHEAT_EC009\/i\/Heathers.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/BK-NCdKLmzVUXehXOVZ1TylpoJs\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2021\/12\/16\/925\/n\/44498184\/a0200fa7abf44db4_M8DHEAT_EC009\/i\/Heathers.jpg","title":"Heathers","intro_text":false,"body":"The \"queen bees\" of Clueless's Beverly Hills high school are actually pretty nice people, just a little bit self absorbed. Heathers features a similar storyline in which unpopular Veronica (like Clueless's new student Tai) gets sucked into the dramatic dynamics of her high school's most popular, powerful group. Unlike Clueless, however, Veronica's new \"friends\" are mean spirited and selfish. To add insult to injury, Veronica's love interest is a charismatic rebel with a violent streak. The dark, satirical comedy