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Plane 2023

Plane is a 2023 American action thriller film directed by Jean-François Richet from a screenplay by Charles Cumming and J. P. Davis.[5] The film stars Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, Yoson An, and Tony Goldwyn. The plot centers on a pilot (Butler) allying with a prisoner (Colter) to save his passengers from a hostile territory they landed in for an emergency landing.

Plane 2023

The film was announced in 2016, acquired by Lionsgate in 2019, sold to Solstice Studios in 2020, and re-acquired by Lionsgate in 2021. It was shot in Puerto Rico. Plane was released in the United States on January 13, 2023. It received generally favorable reviews from critics and has grossed $52 million worldwide.

Commercial pilot Brodie Torrance, a former RAF pilot from Scotland, flies Trailblazer Airlines Flight 119 with 14 passengers and three cabin crew members from Singapore to Honolulu via Tokyo. Among the passengers is fugitive homicide suspect Louis Gaspare, who is accompanied by an RCMP/GRC officer en route to Canada. Taking advice from one of his superiors, Brodie takes a shortcut across the South China Sea, but the plane is heavily damaged by a storm and a flight attendant and the RCMP officer are killed during the turbulence. The plane makes an emergency landing on what turns out to be Jolo island in the Philippines.

In New York City, the board of Trailblazer calls Scarsdale, their crisis manager. He dispatches a private military outfit to rescue the passengers, as the authorities are unwilling to send troops into the rebel-controlled island. Brodie goes off into the jungle for help, accompanied by Louis. At an abandoned warehouse, Brodie phones his superiors and daughter to tell their location, but is attacked by a rebel whom he subdues. They encounter a site used by the rebels to make ransom videos and race back to the plane, but are beaten to it by rebel leader Datu Junmar, who kills a Korean couple who try to escape and takes the surviving passengers and crew hostage, intending to secure large ransoms from their families.

Back at the plane, Brodie and his copilot Samuel Dele manage to fire up the plane and gather everyone inside for takeoff. Scarsdale's group sets up a Barrett M82 counter-materiele rifle for increased firepower and together with Louis fight off Junmar's men. Louis chooses to stay behind to distract Junmar's forces and allow Scarsdale's team to board the plane, preventing an attempt by Junmar to blow up the plane with an RPG and later fleeing into the jungle with a bag of ransom money brought by the mercenaries. Despite being shot in the leg during the shootout, Brodie crushes Junmar under the plane's wheels during takeoff.

The plane is too damaged and too low on fuel to make a long journey, but Brodie manages to land the plane at the neighboring island of Siasi. As the passengers and crew are tended to by the island's rescue team, Brodie phones his daughter, telling her he is coming home.

In February 2023, it was announced Colter will reprise his role as Louis Gaspare for a sequel titled Ship. Jean-François Richet returns as an executive producer with MadRiver Pictures, Di Bonaventura Pictures, and G-BASE Productions also re-teaming. [38] While Gerard Butler will not star, he may make a cameo appearance.[38]

During this tumultuous descent, it's mighty strange when "Plane" shows a closeup of a drafted text message but not long enough for us to read whatever it says. But that's more of a hint that no characters have any important point to this story, aside, maybe, from a captured fugitive named Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter), who is handcuffed to an officer at the back of the plane. His history of committing homicide comes later in handy when the flight lands in progressively hostile territory. Brodie, with his history in the RAF and a gun secretly in his pants, brings him along the mysterious terrain to find help. Butler and Colter proceed to fend off plainly bad guys, with little chemistry between them in the process.

Captain Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) has been flying commercial planes for quite some time. Stationed in Singapore, he has been assigned a small flight (around 14 passengers or so) for Trailblazer Airlines from Singapore to the United States. He also has a special passenger on board, a dangerous criminal being escorted back to the U.S. named Louis Gaspare. During the flight however, the plane is struck by lightning during a horrible storm and has to make an emergency landing in the Philippines.

After a heroic job of successfully landing his storm-damaged aircraft in a war zone, a fearless pilot finds himself between the agendas of multiple militias planning to take the plane and its passengers hostage.

This one got off to a rocky start because I lost my license and was refused a Bud Light at the theater, which I think would have made this HGH-B-movie go down a little better. Gerard Butler plays Captain Brodie Torrance (some other Butler character names include Mike Banning, Big Nick O'Brien, Dane Jensen, and Bob Viddick), an ex-RAF pilot, down on his luck and working New Year's Eve on a cheapo airline because he choke slammed a drunk air rager. His plane goes down east of Manilla in a ... land of wolves? On paper, combining Flight with The Raid should be right in my wheelhouse, but to borrow a line from Hurlyburly, "THEY'RE TOTALLY FUCKING DIFFERENT!" Doesn't help that this looks like it was shot on an iPhone.

After sustaining critical damage in a lightning storm, the plane makes an emergency landing in Jolo, a remote island in the Philippines. From there, the movie becomes a bargain bin rendition of Die Hard on an island. An anti-government militia takes the passengers hostage for ransom, and Brodie must team up with Louis to save them. While the idea of a group of people stranded on an island filled with bad guys has been done before, movies like The Menu show how this simple idea can take on new forms.

Five people were on board the plane, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which also said that information is preliminary and subject to change. CTEH said the pilot was one of the five employees who died.

CORRECTION: The National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday identified the plane as a "Beech B200 airplane," short for a King Air B200 twin-turboprop plane manufactured by Beechcraft. An earlier version of this article included the Federal Aviation Administration's incorrect preliminary identification of the plane.

Mere weeks after achieving experimental airworthiness certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Universal Hydrogen has successfully taken its 40-passenger regional hydrogen electric plane to the skies. The aircraft took off from Washington state this morning and ascended to an altitude of 3,500 mean sea level (MSL) before safely landing, as you can see in the video below.

Universal Hydrogen is celebrating today following the first successful flight of the hydrogen electric plane this morning, which took off in Grant County, Washington, at 8:41 a.m. PST and flew for 15 minutes.

During the second circuit over the airport, we were comfortable with the performance of the hydrogen powertrain, so we were able to throttle back the fossil fuel turbine engine to demonstrate cruise principally on hydrogen power. The airplane handled beautifully, and the noise and vibrations from the fuel cell powertrain are significantly lower than from the conventional turbine engine.

Representatives from Connect Airlines were in attendance as the hydrogen electric plane took off. Connect has secured the first US order to convert 75 ATR 72-600 planes to Universal Hydrogen powertrains with the purchase rights for 25 more. Connect Airlines CEO John Thomas also spoke:

With the first successful flight complete, Universal Hydrogen kicks off a two-year testing program that is expected to enable full certification for hydrogen electric passenger flights using the aforementioned ATR 72 planes by 2025.

The flight also marks the Dash-300 flying test bed as the largest hydrogen electric plane to take flight, paving the way for more hydrogen electric conversions of existing aircraft. Universal Hydrogen cofounder and CEO Paul Eremenko elaborated:

Our business model resolves the chicken-and-egg problem between hydrogen airplanes and hydrogen infrastructure by developing both in parallel and with a uniquely low-cost approach. The airplanes are converted to hydrogen using an aftermarket retrofit conversion kit, tackling the existing fleet rather than developing a brand new airplane. And hydrogen fueling uses modular capsules compatible with existing freight networks and airport cargo handling equipment, making every airport in the world hydrogen-ready.

We meet one other person on the plane with military experience, a guy named Louis Gaspare. The problem is that Gaspare is a fugitive being transported back to the states for a murder he committed 15 years ago. (His police escort is killed in the lightning strike on the plane.) Despite that, Brodie decides to uncuff the man in hopes that his experience will help them all stay alive.

All in all, though, the majority of injuries and deaths are caused by gunfire after the plane lands on the island. (That combat occurs between the island separatists, Brodie and Gaspare, and a well-equipped rescue team of hired mercenaries.) We see people bloodied, wounded and killed on a regular basis by men brandishing pistols and rifles. In fact, one large gunfight results in scores of people being shot. Several are killed with rifle shots to the head, causing large blood spatters. A large-caliber, high-powered rifle is used to stop vehicles and then to blast open people standing behind the vehicles.

All five individuals were employees of the environmental consulting agency CTEH, according to KATV and WSYX. This detail struck a nerve with social media accounts pushing conspiratorial notions about the East Palestine, Ohio, trail derailment. That the plane took off from Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport did not help tamp conspiratorial interest in the story. 041b061a72


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