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15 Budgeting Tips You Need To Try At Your Startup !!LINK!!

arning to create and maintain a laboratory budget can be difficult for a new lab manager. Here are some tips to help you stretch your budget to its limits while maintaining the productivity of your lab.

15 Budgeting Tips You Need To Try At Your Startup

When it comes to buying the equipment needed for your research, you have a lot of options. Make sure to shop around and get quotes from different companies. Another way to save money is to consider buying used instruments. Ask around and find out if there is an old equipment room at your institution with tools that are no longer used. Some may need minor fixes but could save your lab thousands of dollars if you only have to pay for a repair. Some colleagues may even have old equipment laying around that they no longer need or use that they would be willing to let you have.

One of the best things you can do for your lab is start looking for grants immediately. Eventually, your startup funds are going to run out, so you will need to have grant money to rely on to keep your lab running. Start finding grants to apply for and submitting applications now.

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