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Void Rangers Full Crack

These abrasion strips are non-structural components of the main rotor blade assembly and serve to protect the underlying composite material from impact and erosion damage. The abrasion strips are designed to remain installed and in service even after sustaining damage due to erosion, impact, or cracking as long as no underlying void or debond has occurred (in the case of an impact).

Void Rangers full crack


During certification testing, an inboard section of the main rotor blade with a bonded inboard abrasion strip was tested to the equivalent of the full life of the blade. The test showed that even when cracks appeared in the abrasion strip, the underlying composite structure was not compromised.

Cracks in any abrasion strip require a tap inspection upon discovery. If no voids or debonds are found on either side of the crack, cover the cracks with polyurethane tape. See the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) document VMM-MR-206L-501_RevB and Customer Support Specification (CSS) CSS-501.

Did you know that in the event of a vehicle collision, your windshield helps to disburse crash energy down the chassis? Cracks or chips can minimize and eventually over time completely void the safety feature of a windshield, even if the accident is minor. Even a small crack or chip can also impair a drivers field of vision.


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