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One Piece Episode 807 !EXCLUSIVE!

I just think the writers of the show should hire you as their "beta reader", some episodes are very good in my opinion, but once you point out the plot holes, they seem to become weak... some episodes are weak anyway, and I don't like that they seem to forget things that happened in the past to characters, they change them or ignore them altogether! Still, I love the show, I think what has made it last through all these years is the chemistry between the actors and actresses of the team. Hurry up updating, they are already in Season 11, who would've thought that?

One Piece Episode 807

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"Wow, was I right"LMAO. You are such a conceited Bitch. You seriously think someone's buying that you got all of the plot right, when you are recapping AFTER watching the entire fucking episode?.Are we supposed to be like OMG vardulon knew it all along! The bitch totally didn't watch till the end of the episode , he wrote before the episode thus he knows it all!!!!!!! OMG so smart !!! Smarter than the show !!!!! . God !!! You should write the show !!!!!@.Please piece of shit . Fucking LOL. 041b061a72


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