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Bio Menace Download ##BEST## PC Game

You can download the full version of Bio Menace from the download store listed below. If you buy a game you don't only get the full version game, you also support DOS Games Archive. For every sale we receive a small fee from the download store which helps us to keep this free website alive. Thank you and have fun!

Bio menace Download PC Game

Try out some of the secret weapon attacks hidden in the game:Super Plasma Bolt: Hold the up arrow until you hear a charge sound, then press the fire key.Fireball Attack: Turn left and right 6 or 7 times in a row, then press the fire key.Electron Shield: Turn left and right 6 or 7 times in a row, then press the jump key.Invincibility Burst: Hold the up arrow until you hear a charge sound, then press the down arrow key.Full weapons: Press the following three keys together during gameplay: C-A-T. You will receive the machine gun, 99 ammo and 99 grenades. Note that this only works in the registered version!

Another classic scenario: the mad scientist Dr. Mangle decided to rule the Earth through giant mutants who are trying to destroy everything. For this reason, the CIA sends their best agent - Snake Logan on a dangerous mission: to fly over Metro City, find out what is happening and then report it back. Unfortunately, the plane is shot down, and you in the role of Snake find yourself in Metro City, where you have to fight all the monsters and save the earth. Bio Menace story is far from original, but boy, it is lot of fun. The original game engine of Commander Keen additionally ensures it has a very good gameplay.

Join top CIA tough guy, Snake Logan as he battles for his life against ferocious monsters created by an evil and twisted mastermind. Your mission is to defeat whoever is unleashing the hordes of mutants which threaten to take over the world. You will travel across the world, rescuing hostages, defeating monsters and isposing of vile henchmen. Along the way, you will find several different weapons, special bonuses, big boss creatures and secret areas. Bio Menace is an exciting Duke Nukem-inspired, shoot everything that moves-style action game.

Bio Menace lets you play the role of Snake Logan, the CIA's top secret agent who must infiltrate Metro City which has been overrun by horrible mutants created by an evil scientist named Dr. Mangle. The game is a platform shooter, one of the many released by Apogee in the early 1990s. Bio Menace was built on the later Commander Keen engine, making it one of the last EGA color games made by Apogee. The game is fun, but like most PC platformers of the day, it couldn't stand up to the console market.

The game was released in Apogee's typical three episode setup: the first episode was shareware, the other two had to be purchased. For a Christmas present in 2005, Apogee released all three episodes of Bio Menace as freeware, so you can download the entire game from their web site.

Bio Menace's music is pretty standard for DOS games of 1993. It uses id's music format (IMF) which only allows for FM synthesis. Each episode used music from other episodes, but also had its own special music. Every one of the unique tracks has been recorded.

Bobby Prince did a okay job with the composition, but it doesn't sound as refined as Wolfenstein 3D (DOS) or Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle (DOS). The original music was written in Sequencer Plus Gold in MIDI format, but it was targeted towards AdLib quality audio. Prince remixed a few of these songs and targeted them for higher quality MIDI. These files are included in the rip download.

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All three episodes use the Commander Keen engine, which id Software used. It has a similar score box located at the top-left of the action screen, same menu system, same on-line help, and the same start-up screen where the game detects your sound card, video card, I/O devices, and the amount of memory you have. It even allows you to view the old status screen if you press [Space] during gameplay.

It took two years to create the game, mainly because Jim Norwood created practically every asset on his own, from game code, to art, to sound, to level design. The one significant area not created by Norwood is the game's engine. It was created by id Software, and was the engine original used for the second trilogy of Commander Keen games, starting with Goodbye, Galaxy

On December 23, 2005, Apogee/3D Realms made this game available as freeware. It was a "Christmas present" to their fans. The full registered game contains all three episodes and can be downloaded from their FTP server.

Among the hostages you have to save is Commander Keen, from id Software's series of games of the same name. When you rescue him (he's on level 6 of the 2nd episode) you say "Just doing my duty, Captain Keen" to which he replies "It's COMMANDER Keen!" For the curious, people mixing up Commander Keen's title is one of the in-jokes of the series.

There are three episodes in this game: In "Dr. Mangle's Lab" and "The Hidden Lab", Snake must destroy two labs and Dr. Mangle himself. Just before he dies, Mangle tells him that he is forced by somebody known as Master Cain to do his bidding, or he would be killed, so in "Master Cain", Snake sets out and destroy the creator himself.

But the only differences are that Snake has eight units of health, so each time Snake collides with a mutant, he doesn't get killed straight away unless he had one unit left. There are 12 levels in each episode. When you start a new game, as well as choosing the three difficulty modes, you get to practice every level except the very last one, which is the episode's final boss.

You are Snake Logan, a top-secret operative for the CIA. Metro City is being attacked by mutants, probably released by a scientist called Dr. Mangle. You are on a reconnaissance mission in your Cessna when you are shot down and crash-land in the streets of Metro City. You crawl out of the plane armed with an M60 pulse rifle, and the game begins.

Imagine Billy Blaze with a machine gun, splattering the aliens and turning them inside-out in a nice massacre. This is what Snake Logan is doing. The plot is simple: shoot every mutant and evil machine in the town and rescue civilians. This game uses the second Commander Keen engine made by ID Software (Keen 4-6) - one of the world's best platform-engines in my opinion. The biggest problem is that the game lacks variation, and after ten levels of pure killing and pushing a few switches... you need some time before you start with the second episode.

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Bio Menace is a 2D, side-scrolling, platform game both developed and published by Apogee Software in 1993 for MS-DOS. It was built on a licensed version of id Software's Commander Keen game engine, and was known as Bio Hazard during production. Apart from the engine and music, all in-game content was created by the game's designer, Jim Norwood.

This patch fixes a bug in Bio Menace that causes the game to "leak" memory when starting playback of a new music track, which could lead to "Out of memory" crashes. While this bug is not much of an issue when running the game in DOSBox, it might be useful for people who want to run the game on actual hardware or a different emulator.

Fixing said memory issue also allowed the re-introduction of mid-level saves. This allows the player to save the game at any point in the level and restore the game at the exact same position and state, just like in Commander Keen 4-6 and Keen Dreams.Note: The saved games are compatible with the unpatched versions, so you won't lose any progress by applying the patch. However, trying to load a saved game that was written using a different version of the patch will cause severe problems and - if you're not running the game in DOSBox - could damage your system! If you have any saved games that were created using a different version of this patch, you need to resize the save file to 131 bytes (keep the first 131 bytes and remove the rest). If you don't have a utility that can truncate the file, load the saved games in the unpatched version of the game, delete the save file and then save again. This will cause you to lose any progress in the level as well as all the weapons and grenades, but it allows the patched executable to load the game without causing damage to your system.

The scripts in the download are set up for use with BMxPATCH (part of the CKPATCH package). But they can easily be modified for use with K1n9_Duk3's Patching Utility (Version 1.3 or above), which allows you to generate a fully patched standalone executable. The BMxPATCH utility usually takes up about 20k of conventional memory, so using the fully patched executables might be more useful on DOS configurations with little conventional memory. 041b061a72


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